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michael Smith ships captain beware

edited February 2014 in - USA
Hi all

I too have been talking on skype with a guy called michael smith claiming to be a ships captain of a crude oil ship going to Japan.WE have been talking for two weeks now . His words of love and poetry are enough to get   sucked in . You think you have met your dream guy. Even his picture he sends you is a very handsome man. Says he is American with Mexican mother and he does look half  Mexican . All dressed nice in a suit. Of course women we are all looking for our knight in shining Armour but this ones Armour is pretty rusty to say the least. The story he tells is that he had a late wife you died one and half years ago leaving his only son Bismark alone and needing a mother. He has to send his son to UK to his only sister who has two kids of her own to look after, while he is at sea. He is a very worried and concerned father and of course his birthday is coming up and he is at sea and cannot buy him anything. I felt bad of course and thing that I would send him a card and maybe a small souvenir of the country I live in, I asked what sort of things his son likes. Well answer to that was a phone. Then alarm bells went off , who in their right mind would ask a women who you have just met on the internet to buy their son such an expensive gift. I said I'm sorry but I could not even afford to buy my only son a phone, he said that was ok and not to wqorry. We kept talking and the mention of a present came up again. He told me to email his son as he had told his son all about us and maybe I would be his future mother. Well the email I received back looked as though he had written it himself as he has a bad habit of writing how instead on now and so did his son. It didn't sound like the words of a 15 year old. When I asked about his hobbies it was reading books and walking along the beach to see if he could see his fathers ship cause he misses him so bad. Oh my god what 15 year old boy says things like this. he is in Uk , father supposed to be on his way to Japan . The kid must not know his geography to well. I got a few skype calls from him and his accent does sounds Hispanic The calls were very hard to hear and kept cutting out. He said it was because of the bad weather at sea. He has asked me how much I earn here in the UAE and how much rent I pay. Of course he says once he lands in Japan which he never can say when or when we will meet . Not even a rough date. But we will get married and live in America in Florida where he has a big house or where ever I want to live just as long as I am a good mother to his son he will be so happy.So I started to ask more leading questions as to why he didn't leave money with his sister so she could buy his son a present for his birthday. That didn't go down to well. Then he tells me his son is going to Ghana on a school trip leaving in a few days and he was so worried whether he should let him go . I said of course he should go that school trips are safe and not to worry as there will be teachers to supervise the kids. So that put his mind at rest. This is the story so far, now I am expecting that something will happen to the son in Ghana and I will be asked to help out as he has given my phone number and email address to him. First I was hurt knowing that there are people out there that play on our emotions at it was hard for me as I had just come out of a four year relationship with someone I truly loved who cheated on me.. Well I may be a bit naive but I am not a stupid women but I am going to string this guy along so I can complete my story on here for everybody else in this situation. Maybe somehow I can give him a taste of his own medicine.


  • This person is no more on a ship going to Japan than you are, he is probably sitting in West Africa somewhere.
    Why would a school send children to Ghana on a school trip? Its not on any British school curriculum for art culture etc.

    "The Captain" probably thinks you are earning big money as you are based in the UAE sooner or later he will ask for money. Thank goodness you realised this man is a scammer.  Good luck, I look forward to reading more.
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