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Anyone know any decent games for travelling?

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Ok so we have a 14 hour flight and I do not plan to spend all of it asleep or on my tablet as I have 2 children to entertain and eventually they will get bored of films and need a few back up games. thanks.


  • You don't say the age of your children.
    There are childrens magnetic games such as snakes and ladders, ludo checkers etc for example

    For older children there is travel scrabble or travel monopoly
    Happy travels
  • There are some fun games like Apples to Apples, or Zombie Dice. If you take the pieces out of the boxes and keep them in ziploc bags they don't take up much room. There's also a travel version of Settlers of Catan that's gotten some good reviews. These games are best for slightly older children though, as Alethia said you don't mention how old they are.
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