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want to go pakistan for my marriage

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Hi all..
M feroz n m indian..i love pakistani girl since last 3years..i want to gob pakistan to marry with my gf..but some of my realtvs n frnds n seniors say its bad idea to go pakistan n marry..if u go n come back indian governmt n police troubles it true? How i can go pakistan n marry? How i can bring her here in india..whats the procuser after marrying pakistani girl? Help


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    Firstly do you hold an Indian passport? or are you another nationality?
    Are you both muslims as this can help? What does her family think?
    Where do you intend to live after your marriage?
    There are a lot of difficulties between in India and Pakistan but not insurmountable.

    Some Indian and Pakistani people marry across the border, particularly with present generation of relatives who had migrated from India at the time of partition.

    In April 2010 a high profile Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik married the Indian tennis star Sania Mirza.The wedding received much media attention and was said to transfix both India and Pakistan

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    Hi...... Mr. Feroz
    My name is kashif and i want to give u suggestion that you should stay in india and merry with indian girl...bcz indian girl is cute and owsam...they understand ur feeling accept pakistani girl.
  • Feroz in Pakistan you won't face any trouble if your gf and her family not against this marriage only problem will be created in india because indian rules and regulations are strict against Muslims indians are extremely against Muslims as you know what happened in Asaam during election campaigns what did modi with Muslims..........if you want to merry her then you need to migrate to another country like UAE or other or you need to live in Pakistan for good.
  • Goodness me what biased nonsense. Pakistan is a country that is totally against any other religion, You would think you are living in a first world secular country. You need to wake up, smell the coffee and stop misleading people.
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