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egyptian husband

edited February 2014 in - Britain and Ireland
Does any one know of any entry restrictions for my egyptian husband to come to england for two weeks holiday? I know it would be difficult if he wanted to live in england but he only wants to do tourist type things and meet more of my huge family


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    Sorry to rain on your parade but it is also very difficult for spouses to be granted visitor visas as it can be perceived that he is trying to circumvent the immigration rules. If you provide a little more information I can advise you further,
    1, Do you live together in Egypt
    2.Is your husband employed if so what is his occupation
    3. If you don't live together who does he live with
    4. Does he have any savings or assets
    5. Who will pay his airfare
    6. Where will he stay in the UK
    7. How long have you been married
    There is no right of appeal if a family visit visa is refused.

    I am a UK immigration lawyer so am able to provide you with the assistance you require, on this site

  • Alethia, you give great advice and it is great to see! It is so exciting to fall for the foriegn guys but once the signs come through that it could all be not in best interest it is heartwrenching! I had tried to persueg the possibility of getting my Egyptian guy here to US after a 1yr and a half relationship that feels very real but his family will never accept me so I am stopping the engagement and shut down my social media, ha once I did I hear less and less from him also because he is with his family now in Kafr for his sister's wedding. He had to practically hide talking to me. He had no problems really while working in Saudi except when roommates where around. I met a few friends and my EX Egyptian boyfriend here in US is also from Kafr Egypt is friends with him but my EX says he can't advise on it being real or worth risk. He says the guy is Islam extremist and would not do well here and neither would I with changes. So I wish this woman luck and appreciate all the great advice you give Alethia!
  • Sorry to hear you broke off your engagement it's hard and upsetting but I am sure in your heart you know you have done the right thing. I suggest you give up Egyptian men, there are loads more nationalities out there !!
    Thank you for your appreciation. I wish you all the best.
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