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travel to cuba

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I am a Canadian travelling to Cuba.   I have a pardon in canada, and a us waiver to enter the united states.  Do I need to bring the us waiver when travelling to cuba?


  • Absolutely not. Your criminal record is utterly immaterial. Don't waste one brain cell worrying about this.

    Have fun.

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    Hello, this is a message for Terry!
    You seem to have a lot of info on Cuba and I was wondering if you might have an answer to my question please.

    I am British but live in the US. I'm a permanent resident here (green card holder) but want to travel to Cuba via the Grand Cayman Islands. 

    Do you know if I can get the Cuban visa at the airport in Grand Cayman? Also, Virgin asks you to send in your passport for the visa to be attached to one of the pages. Is that true? I can't have a stamp in my passport sadly because of the frosty US attitude toward Cuba.

    Thank you so much!
  • 1.) Yes, you can purchase the Tourist Card at the airport in Grand Cayman.

    2.) No, Virgin does NOT require you to send them your Passport to have the "Visa" attached. There is no, "Visa." It's a Tourist Card, just a simple piece of paper... it doesn't get attach to anything.

    Have fun.

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