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Hi need some advice please regarding a UK Citizen living/working in Amsterdam.

Hi all.

Just looking for some advice, preferably from a Dutch resident or somebody that has done something similar.

My friend is looking to move out to Amsterdam in 9 weeks time. He is 21, I am nearly 20. We are both born and bred in the UK and seek to live in Amsterdam for it's culture, night life and places to visit. 
We both have UK passports, and both have a budget of £2000-3000. 

I have been searching the internet long and hard for job opportunities for non-dutch speaking people in Amsterdam. I personally have a great CV for customer service work in the UK however sadly I do not have any school or college qualifications. My friend has school and college qualifications and has worked in customer service/retail also. 

I am slightly worried about getting work. I would really like to sort that out before we arrive in Amsterdam, along with a property to rent for 2 persons. 

Is this a plan that could be put into action?? My main concern is security. I want to know I can support myself whilst I am living there. The thought of moving out there to no job is to much for me, I don't want to lose my budget and end up having to come home. I want to start a new life, not go for a long holiday.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thankyou. 


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    You need to search for a job before leaving the UK however If you are an EU national from a state that already belonged to the EU prior May 2004, you are free to work in the Netherlands and your employer does not need a work permit. Jobseekers are entitled to find work in the Netherlands for up to 3 months upon arrival without restrictions. However, if you intend staying longer than 3 months, you will require a residence permit, which can be obtained from theForeign Police (Vreemdelingenpolitie). Contact the National FP office on 0900 8844 (0.28E per min.) or go down to the local office in Amsterdam at Johan Huizingalaan 757, 1066 VH Amsterdam (+31-(0)20 559 63 00), open 9-1. 

    All EEA nationals working in the Netherlands and in possession of a valid residence permit are entitled to the same rights as Dutch nationals regarding working conditions, social security, trade union membership, housing, vocational training and old-age pensions. Families and dependants are entitled to join those working in the Netherlands and also have access to similar rights.

    Good luck
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