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Switzerland: How long does my UK passport have to be valid for?


I'm a UK national and have a UK passport. However, my passport runs out on the 1 July 2009, and I'm planning to travel to Switzerland for the weekend of 19 June 2009.

So my passport is only valid for 10 days or so after my visit. I've read conflicting information on whether my passport needs to be valid for 3 months AFTER the visit.

Can anyone confirm?




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    sorry can't help with that 1

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    Well worth leaving an answer then ...
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    I think it should be fine for the duration of your stay. Have a look at the Government site below:

    Look under the heading Entry Requirements. You can always blame this Foreign Office website if the airport gives you problems ;)
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    Please have a look on the reply from visaHQ regarding visa expiry and duration of stay .

    Subject: [#EJC-807286]: Validity of Visa

    You can stay 90 days from the point that you entered on August 24th even if your visa has or will be expired. You just have to enter the country before it expires, which you have already done.

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    Pra (Client) Posted On: 07 Sep 2009 03:40 AM


    Hi ,

    My visa is expiring on 10th of this month spetember. But i have entered germany on 24th august and is valid for 90 days .Can i extend beyond visa expiry date and return before 90 days valid period.

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    Another totally irrelevant answer...
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    Purpaboo - have you seen this post?

    Technically your passport will be accepted as it remains valid within the EO regardless of how close the expiration date is to your return, but immigration doesnt always play by (or know) the rules. You should get an emergency passport issued.

    .. Just noticed your trip is now passed! How did it go with the passport?
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