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Schooling In Tunisia

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I am in the middle of planning my move to Tunisia. I have 3 children aged 17, 9 and 7. Can anyone advise me as to how it would go for my younger children to be educated in a Tunisian school and if my son would be able to attend a Tunisian University? My move to Tunisia would be a permanent one and I would also like to know if the bank statement they require to issue the Carte Sejour is my British bank as I need a carte sejour to open a Tunisian bank account?

Any information would be gratefully received eg. how much money would Tunisian authorities be looking for to be deposited in my account monthly?

Thank you,



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    In Tunisian schools the language spoken is Arabic at University the language of instruction is mostly in French. Do your children speak these languages fluently.?

    There are private schools that are very good. You may find this site  "No Marmite in Tunisia" very helpful.

    You do not need a Carte Sejour to open a bank account Non residents can open bank accounts in Tunisia, it seems to vary from bank to bank. BIAT bank are quite helpful.

    A British bank statement should be sufficient evidence

    As for the amount you will need it varies, how much are your monthly outgoings in Tunisia? You will obviously need sufficient funds to cover your monthly payments.

    All the very best 

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