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Need to know more about holiday resort in Budapest

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Hello Everybody,

I didn't find a Hungary Section on the forum so I did write the question in here, I want to get some information regarding "how to rent an apartment in Budapest" mostly to use it as a resort for a month or two, maybe be more, when visiting the country?

Also I'd like to know if there is a possibility for us (me and my husband) to buy an apartment and rent it the rest of the year?

Thank you.


  • There are lots of apartments to rent in Budapest. I suggest you find a temporary apartment through Airbnb  until you find a reputable real estate agent to rent or buy an apartment. Your Airbnb host may well be able to point you in the right direction.

    Last winter I stayed at the Starlight Suiten Hotel in Budapest , I have stayed there before and can highly recommend this hotel The rooms are actually suites i.e. small apartments . The hotel is located close to the Chain bridge crossing the river, its near the metro and the city centre is a few minutes walk. Great for a place to stay until you find your bearings.
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    Thank you Alethia

    I already know an agent, this is why I'm not comfortable with renting a temporary apartment, my agent propose those offers:
    Please let me know what you think about that?

  • Isabelle, 
    City Getaway is the same as Airbnb and they are for temporary stays. 

    You can rent an apartment in Budapest in a good area from 100,000 HUF to 150,000 HUF which is approximately 320 Euro to 500 Euro a month, much less than you will pay at 52 Euros per night through City Getaway. Of course you can also rent far more expensive apartments if you desire,

    No one pays daily for a long term stay, you pay monthly  , your agent will get lots of commission if you pay daily.

     This site will give you a better idea of rentals for longer stays in Budapest. click on a little flag and the rentals will appear. 

    If it were me,  I would find a short stay hotel or apartment while I spent a few days in Budapest viewing suitable apartments for rent.

  • yes offcourse, there are lot of apartments for rent, but take care your stay by using the reviews from tripadvisor is one of the best way choose.. I have make the selection always by take over a look of tripadvisor reviews from past users too. It will assist you to more analyst hotel, apartments and more....
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