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sharm el sheikh

edited February 2014 in Visa and Passport
Hi I am going to sharm el sheikh and am going to purchase a 30 day visa at the airport, but what if I want to stay longer when I am there can I go back to the airport and get my passport stamp extended ? I have a british passport and was born here.
Please can you advise me as I have been trying to find this info out for days with no success.



  • If you want to stay longer  in Egypt there are two ways to extend your visa.

    1. A day or two before your visa expires you travel to Jordan leaving Egypt and then reentering a day or two later.
    From Sharma El Shaikh take the bus to the port of Nuweiba (3 hour journey)  then take the daily AB maritime ferry to Aqaba in Jordan ferry is approximately $70 (2013 prices and you must pay in US dollars) Stay over night or longer and then return to Egypt where you will be granted another 30 day visa. 

    2.The other option is to go to Cairo and extend your visa at the Mugamma a huge building in Tahir Square.

    When travelling in Egypt please remember to dress conservatively.

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