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Destination Weddings

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I am looking for someone who has experience in planning and booking destination weddings. I have a client that wants to get married in Caribbean. I would like to talk to someone about which islands are the best and other requirements to get married out of Canada.


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    Jamaica, Antigua, Barbados and St Lucia, as well as Trinidad and Tobago, are great Caribbean destinations for a wedding. Generally, a passport or other valid identification are required, as well as a marriage license and certificate. See Justlinen for details.
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    i got married on 9th January 2009 in Jamaica and it was a wonderful experience. Everything was orgainsed before the event by the travel agent with minimal time being taken from the holiday to confirm details.

    Please budget for your photographs being more expensive than what the travel operator tells you. Thats the only thing i did not expect. Appart from that it was excellent
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    St Lucia has often won awards from the UK travel industry as best island to get married in. It's also a stunning island with a low crime rate so you can feel safe exploring outside your hotel. Most hotels or the ministry of Tourism can put you in touch with local wedding planners.
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