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Do I need a Visa for Dublin?

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Hi to everyone!
I'm Chinese but I live in Italy with an italian recidence permit.On May,I have to go to Dublin for a school trip but I don't Know If I need a Visa or not.Can you help me ,please?Thanks


  • It'urgent!>.<
  • You only have an Italian residence permit not Italian citizenship therefore as a Chinese passport holder you do need a visa to visit Dublin, You must apply for your visa at the Irish Embassy in Rome
  • But it's a school trip that will take only one week.It doesn't make any difference?
  • It does not matter if its for one day , you are a Chinese citizen and require a visa to enter Ireland.
  • ok,thank you
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    A few hours ago I found this .There is written that if I'm a permanent or valid resident of Ireland or the EU,I don't need a visa to land in Ireland.
  • I see you are not satisfied with my answer and think that EHow is somehow linked to the Irish government
    The Irish government have a waiver scheme, but it does not pertain to EU country residents. Here are the visa requirements and if you dont believe them I suggest you telephone the Irish Embassy rather than trawling the internet

  • XinY:

    eHow is not in any way an authoritative site. I'd rather listen to Alethia's more reliable information.
  • I'm really thankful to you for answering my question, but still I had some doubt .So I sent a letter to the italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and they told me '' ...A Member State shall not request a visa for school pupils that are not nationals of a Member State but legally residing in another Member Country AND do seek to travel for short stay purposes. The following conditions apply:

    1. students hold a valid travel document recognised by the country of destination
    2. within a school excursion/trip, the student is part of a group of students from a general school
    3. the group will be accompanied by a teacher from the same school
    4. the teacher must hold a full list of all students travelling, issued by the school and certified by the authority mentioned below (general form to be used)
    5. the list must confirm travel details (purpose and circumstances of intended stay)
    6. the list must be presented to border police on entry to Germany..''. So, if I I have this list , I don't need a visa, do I?

  • You need to contact the Embassy of Ireland not the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ireland and the UK are in the EU but they are not part of mainland Europe and are not included in the Schengen Treaty which covers the school trips you mention above.

  • I sent a letter to the Embassy of Ireland too,but they didn't answer me yet. My teachers told me that I wouldn't need a visa for Ireland if I had this ''list of travellers''.If you're going to tell me to go directly to the Embassy of Ireland in Rome,I can't because I live in the south of Italy and my parents can't go there just for a visa and they have to work(Sorry for my English,but I'm still learning).

    Anyway,I'm really thankful to you for answering my questions.Regards.

  • You could telephone or fax the Embassy of Ireland, ask your teachers to help you.
    Good luck
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