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Schengen Visa refusal

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What do I do if I am being denied a schengen visa due 2 d reason dat: Your intention to leave the territory of the menber states before th expiry of the visa could not be ascertained. What evidence do I need 2 submit if I desire to write an Appeal. Against the decision.


  • If you have made a Schengen visa application which is refused, you may have the option of appealing against the decision. Appealing a decision means that you can try tohave the decision overturned and changed.
    To discover if an appeal is possible, it is important that you read the information in the refusal notice (the Embassy's decision) carefully so that you can see what options are available to you and how you can proceed. Each Embassy is different and an appeal is not possible in every case. If you are able to appeal, you must follow the appeal guidance of the particular Embassy you applied to.

    If you have been refused you can simply apply again. You will need to make a new application and pay another fee. Just because you were refused a Schengen visa it does not mean that you will be refused next time. All applications are considered on the basis of the information provided. However, it will be important that you address the problem in your first application and show that you have made changes or included the extra evidence needed.
    You must give the reason for your visit, when and where you will stay and evidence such as an airline ticket to demonstrate when you will leave the Schengen area.
  • Thanks
    But u still have nt answered my question. The reason for the refusal was stated that: YOUR INTENTION TO LEAVE THE TERRITORY OF THE MEMBER STATE BEFORE THE EXPIRY OF THE VISA COULD NOT BE ASCERTAINED. They said I can writ an appeal against the decision. The qustion is wot document can use to maker them believe I will come back to me country when writing the appeal.
  • It means you need to demonstrate strong ties to your home country: proof of employment, proof that you own property, that you have family and a life there, etc.

    A good way to do this is to have your employer give you a letter (on the company letterhead) confirming that you are employed there, and stating the dates you have been granted leave for.
  • Thanks I am grateful.
    But can u please tell hw long it will take before my appeal will be attended to or before getting reply frm d embassy.
  • Appealing a Schengen visa refusal can be very long, drawn out and confusing as there is no specified time frame. The rules just say a  person has the right to have his affairs dealt with in a "reasonable time"  .

    I know of people who made appeals, were given appeal numbers by the embassy and that was the last they ever heard of the appeal. So I suggest you don't waste your time appealing you simply reapply with better evidence, 
  • Thanks
    I think i better try some other time.
  • Hw do you manage to attend 2 all these mails? N get a beta answer to dem all. U are impossible.
  • Is that a compliment ? :)
  • Hi I'm on the same situation got refused today I work in a good company and got a letter from my employee too
    But they have refused me as my present visa status will expire in April 2015 and I have hell more then three months
    Pls guide me shall I appeal or apply again
    As I dnt want to waste my time and what documents shall I further attach to make it strong
  • ....... my present visa status will expire in April 2015.......

    What do you mean by this? Do you already have a Schengen visa ?
  • Hi thanks for reply
    No I have PSW n that's expiring in 12th April 2015
    They refused me and put this condition that my intention to leave France is not strong

    I attached my employee letter staying that I'm a present employer
    But still
    So what shall I do reapply or put an appeal
  • I was just going for three days and two nights with a return ticket
    But I dunno how they rejected me :/
    Pls help me
  • PSW do you mean a UK post study work visa?
    You were refused the Schengen visa as they do not believe you will leave France. There must be something in your application that led them to believe you will stay in France. What was the reason you were going to France.

  • For visit three nights
  • Pls guide me through this as they gave me right to appeal
    I have to provide them something solid like my hospital on going treatments and future coming appointments or guide me what can I show them
  • To visit who or just as a tourist. DO NOT waste your time appealing as they are rarely succesful. You are better off reapplying and supplying more evidence that you must return to the UK.
  • No just as tourist
    So can I apply again
    With better prove like holiday booking form from my company which states that I will come back
    And my hospital appointments letters for future
    But my visa is hell more then three months do you think my case is strong
    Pls recommend
  • I can't say your case is strong as you have already been refused. Why don't you apply for a Belgian visa and use that visa to travel on into France.
  • Actually it's a great idea let me search for it thanks man
    How can I talk to you
  • you can contact me through 
  • Please assit me. What about if your self-employed?
  • It is probably much easier for those with a UK residence permit to be granted a Schengen visa. I assume if you are self employed you are either a Tier 1 Entrepreneur or you have  Indefinite Leave to Remain. Employed or self employed status is irrelevant , you must provide six months bank statements and proof of your work

    On your first application you must just state the reason for your visit, you never mention future plans, you need to build up your credibilty until you will be granted a two year visa.

    Your first visa may not be for six months but purely for the time you wish to visit for example one month, but it can usually be extend in the Schengen country that you visit.

    Remember you can only stay a maximum of 90 days in any six month period in the Schengen zone.

  • That was very helpful. So in applying what are the key things I must strongly present in order for a successful application? With leave to remain in the Uk and self-employed for a few days to france then back to Uk then also another Schengen country a week later? Please help and how long might it take for a reply and what would be the likely resons for rufusal?
  • edited December 2014
    Here is the French government website pertaining to Schengen visas, you must follow their instructions.
    All the information , such as processing times etc are on this site. Examples of reasons for refusal could be insufficient funds and an intention to overstay in the Schengen area.
  • Thank you so much
  • Hello Alethia!

    I have been reading your replies to queries on Schengen visa rejections and appeal.
    Great help!

    I have applied for a Schengen visa 2 weeks ago to be exact at the Royal Norwegian Embassy, it was rejected. I lodged an appeal immediately and received an email that processing time will take 5 months. It's going to be a long wait.

    I am thinking to cancel my appeal and make an all new application, the decision is uncertain, especially it was brought to a higher body like the UDI.
    Is it possible to make a new application while waiting for my appeal decision? Or should I cancel my appeal first before re-applying?

    Please help me I am so confused. Appeal information is limited on all Embassies.
  • Hi Alethia!

    I applied for Schengen Visa at the Spanish Embassy in Dominican Republic, and just today (20 January 2015) I received my passport with a denial for the application, with the justification that ' YOUR INTENTION TO LEAVE THE TERRITORY OF THE MEMBER STATE BEFORE THE EXPIRY OF THE VISA COULD NOT BE ASCERTAINED'.

    I really don't understand this since I provided every document with all the details they required. I also have a US Visa and I thought that, since I use it a lot, it was good proof that I travel for tourism.

    Anyway, I provided roundtrip tickets to Spain, and tickets + hotel reservations in France, Belgium, Netherlands and Czech Republic. Also, bank statement and statement from work, etc etc...

    I am planning to apply for France now, since I read that the Spanish Embassy is denying the visas to almost everyone. What do you think about this strategy?
  • One things people do not supply when they apply for a Schengen Visa are their ties to their home country. For example do you own your home, or land, do you support your family, are you married, do you have children etc. These ties demonstrate you will return home.
  • Hey!
    I Wonder if u can give me any advise about sending an appeal.
    I applied for Schengen visa in the spanish embassy from Algeria because i wanted to travel to spain in the end of february for my vacation. I Applyed in 23. January and i just got the answer today. They denied my visa with this reason: "has not justified the purpose and conditions of the planned stay"
    I filled all the forms from the website and i had all the papers they required. What is my chances to appeal and have the answer changed?
  • Forget appealing, it is a waste of time and there is no set time period allocated for appeals to be completed, so you could be waiting ages and sometimes certain embassies do not respond at all. I suggest you make a fresh application and submit stronger documentary evidence.
  • Ok thanks for the answer!
  • Just to add weight to what Alethia has said - I have never heard of a successful visa appeal! Much better to just re-apply.
  • I applied for holland visa via France embassy.we where actually going for a trade show and we applied for business visa because we been sent by our company,but the application was been deny.consular said YOUR INTENTION TO LEAVE THE TERRITORY OF THE MEMBER STATES BEFORE THE EXPIRY OF YOUR VISA COULD NOT BE ASCERTAINED.
    I thought business visa do not need much proof of strong ties with country or strong family ties.
    The funny part of it is that France vfs do no longer accept title deeds,etc .
    My application along side my partner was lodge together on same day as one application on 13 of january 2015.
    Please need your advice.

  • Why would you apply for a visa to Holland at the French Embassy? Why not got to the Dutch embassy and apply for the Schengen visa? France is one of the stricter countries in the Schengen group and for a business visa you need the same documents as for a visit visa.
  • Thanks ALETHIA ,there is know holland embassy in Nigeria,France embassy help them for it.c/o of France embassy for holland visa
  • my friend son will be applying for Germany tourist visa .but he is 18 years old. the father will be sponsoring him.
    What document will the father need to present to sponsor his we need any letter from the son school.and so on.
    Please need your help.hope to read from you soon.
    Thanks for previous respond.
  • Please ALETHIA,
    Respond to my post.
  • The father is German or has a German residence permit? If so he needs to show copies of his fathers passport and ID card or residence permit, 3 months bank statements demonstrating that the father has sufficient money to pay the air fare and maintain the son in Germany for the duration of the visit. Also evidence of where the father lives and proof of his employment.
    The boy will need a letter from his school staing the date he must return and his birth certificate which must show his fathers name.
    The Schengen visa application form must be completed.
  • Thanks ALETHIA,but the father is a Nigerian and currently working in Nigeria too.
    Any additional documents?
    Thanks for your previous respond
  • ALETHIA, you said evidence of where the father live.
    Please can you give me example of this evidence.
    Please, do not say I ask too much.
    Please hope to read your reply soon
    Thanks in advance and god bless.
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