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How do I cancel and is there a fine for it, cancellation fee or something?

edited March 2014 in - Singapore
I made a reservation at WESTHILL CONSULTING TRAVEL & TOURS based in Singapore for a week-long vacation in Jakarta, Indonesia.  But things come up that I need to cancel it. My supposed travel is by next week already


  • You need to contact Westhill Travel as a matter of urgency. You probably will  be charged a cancellation fee but you won't find the answer here, go directly to your travel agent
  • edited March 2014
    I think WESTHILL CONSULTING TRAVEL & TOURS cancellation process is that you have to submit it by written form.  I don’t know the exact process, but I believe it isn’t that hard, when my mom cancelled our reservation from them, they didn’t give her a hard time and was able to deal with it easily.
  • This may help you. Period of notice cancellation fees
    Over 45 days Deposit is forfeited
    45-22 days 25% of tour cost forfeited
    21-8 days 30% of tour cost forfeited
    7-1 days 50% of tour cost forfeited
    Day of Departure 100% of tour cost forfeited 
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