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Passport expiry question, Tunisia

edited August 2014 in - Tunisia
Im from the UK and due to travel nxt mth my passport runs out in may this yr can I still use it In tunisia? My travel agent said I can but im worried help settle my mind please


  • Hi Lisau,
    Although it is usually recommended that one has at least three months validity on one's passport when travelling (and some countries require six months), UK passport holders can enter Tunisia so long as their passport is valid for the duration of their stay. So long as you leave the country before your passport expires you should be fine. Enjoy!
  • Thank u ella im due to fly on the 16/4/14 and arrive back to the uk 30/4/14 and my pass port expiry is 22/5/14 so hopefully I have no problems im also travelling with my parents my children and partner and there passports r valid for a good few yrs yet lol
    Once again thank u for putting my mind at rest :-)
  • Would it be faster and easer to go to Tunis Tunisia to get my husbands Passport or is it all slow boat??  We need to get his passport before we can start his Visa and it is taking forever to get this all done it took 2 months just to get his ID done please help me if anyone can... Thanks
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    Tunisian passports are issued by the police station in the neighbourhood where the applicant resides. Going to Tunis could easily make matters worse and they may refuse to deal with application as your husband is not from there.

  • okay Thanks very much :-)
  • Do you know about how much it cost to get one there in Tunisia?  I want to send money so he can get it thanks..
  • Your husband needs to go to the police station and ask about the cost of the passport as the price changes regularly and passports cost more when issued at Embassies than those issued in Tunisia.

    It is mandatory for Tunisians aged 18 and over to carry an ID card at ALL I don't understand why your husband did not have one and they are normally issued in 15 days. It sounds as if your husband needs to be a little more proactive.
  • He had a ID but he had to get it renued because the other one was very old. It took 2 months to get his ID back and I am praying that it don't take another 2 months to do the Passport because I want to start this visa ASAP... Thanks
  • Visa applications in general are a slow process from start to finish. No one can move abroad in a hurry unless you have a LOT of money and connections.
  • Anya please come and tell that to my clients !    (*)
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