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Visa to the Uk

edited March 2014 in - Jamaica
Hi everyone, I was wondering if I could be given advice.

I am a british citizen, born here, both parents are british also. I have recently had a child, however her father is Jamaican.

I know uk Don't issue visas easily especially to Jamaicans. he allowed to visit his. Child and what if any problems would he encounter. What would he need to prove.


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    Is your childs father named on her birth certificate? If he is not named on your childs birth certificate he would require a DNA test to prove he is the childs father.

    He would then apply for a family visit visa. He needs to show he is working in Jamaica employed or self employed and has a reason to return back home. Evidence of his income and savings and the ability to pay his air  ticket. If you are paying his air ticket you will need to show your bank statements.

    You will also need to provide proof of your address by showing council tax and utility bills.

    To be honest its highly unlikely unless this man has a good job a home etc that he would be granted a visa.

    Jamaicans do not have a good track record of leaving the UK. It would be much easier for you and your British child to visit him in Jamaica.

  • Thanks for your advice . :)
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