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Dublin - Any Questions?



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    Do we need an visa to enter Dublin? we are on a student visa in Uk.
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    Hi Brian
    I am heading to the states. Do I need to show a return ticket to Ireland. As I am thinking of going to the Bahamas after states. Going for three months in all.

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    Is it possible to go to ireland (dublin) with only a british visa?
    from sweden directly to dublin without going to england first? (My friend who is going to dublin and asking this question is not a swedish citizen, but thai)
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    Hi all,
    I'm putting together a Dublin / Ireland website called Dublin Visitors it will help with more questions -
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    Hey there. I am hoping to go to Ireland for my birthday this year> When i mentioned this to people the subject of passports arose. What i would like to know is..Do i actually need a passport to travel from England to Ireland?? Everyone is trying to be helpful but no-one actually knows..and i want to get it sorted out as soon as possible. Thank you
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    Just bring your English or European passport with you and enjoy Ireland
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    If you are looking for general info and tips about settling down in Dublin, you might find this site very helpful:

    It has been developed by a team of Dublin expats, and provides a lot of useful tips and to-do's.

    Hope this will be of help to some of you
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    Thanks Lauraash,
    I've checked it out it's got very useful Dublin information - maybe they'll give a mention.
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    am studying in Dublin Ireland, My daughter is visiting me,can i find a school for her to study here just like me.thanx
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    Hello I am a turkish citizen and i am in london with a Tier 4 student visa, can I enter dublin? or do i need a visa for ireland as well? Please let me know because next weekend I want to go to Dublin
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    Hi there
    I m Turkish also... I will start to work in Belfast 15th November... I book my flight from Turkey to Dublin and I plan to go Belfast from Dublin by bus... I had master programme in UK and as I know, everyone can visit Dublin with UK visa...
    Am I wrong?? Really I m confused:((((((((((( hope no need to change my flight??
    Thanx in advance
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    As many of our visitors are interested in Northern Ireland here's a website with great information - Enjoy Ireland -
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    Hi, i am an Indian national on a business visa to Dublin. Would like to visit Belfast, pls let me know if i need a separate visa or permit. Thanks Arindam
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    Hi there. I know ppl are usually asking questions about visas and stuff like that but i just want to know, are there love padlocks in Dublin or anywhere in Ireland? It's becoming a trend all over the world but i haven't found anywhere that says they're in Ireland too and my boyfriend and I are going to Dublin soon. Thanks a lot, Doria.
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    Hi I am an Irish passport holder living in Northern Ireland. My wife is an Indian passport holder. We are planning to fly to India from Dublin. Does my wife need any sort of entry or transit visa?
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    I am Russian. I have UK residency and live in Northern Ireland. What kind of visa do I need to fly from Dublin and back without stay. I am married a British citizen an have two children who also British
    Please could you answer this quastion ASAP. Thank you!
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    We are expecting a Chinese visitor to arrive in June.
    She will have a UK Visa & travel to Northern Ireland.
    Can she visit places over the border without an Irish Visa?
    Can she fly out of Dublin without having gained an Irish Visa?
    She will be in transit on a European Tour (with a friend who is Australian).
    Appreciate any guidance or advice as I want to get this visit right.
    Thank you. Roisin
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    i might be coming to DUBLIN-Ireland for further education in september 2011.its a two year course.I wanted to know if Ireland has a post study work visa scheme.If i can get a post study work visa to look for a job aftr the completion of my course 2013.If they have a post study work visa,then its valid for how long??
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    just wnated to find out, will be travelling to Dublin for a period of three months, visas free entry, will i need a work permit to do some casual work
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    hi, I am in belfast on an Indian buz visa. should I take a visa to visit dublin for 2 days?
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    Hi Brian:
    I am about to retire and want to move to either Ireland or Scotland. Do you knw the requirements for immigration there from the US?
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    im russian studying in uk (tier 4 visa)
    do i need to apply for irish visa if i want to go to dublin as a tourist?
    thanks a lot
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    flying from the usa to ireland will just a passport do? or will we need visa???
  • If I have irland visa can I visit any other European country ?
    My visa valid for 2years and I'd like to make a tour for some around Europe
  • If I have a visa problem with UK, can I still travel to Dublin?
  • Deejay: It's rather hard to say without knowing what the problem is, and what passport you're using.
  • Hi im pakistani student in uk
    Iv got uk visa,as my wife is british
    Can i travell with her to dublin
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    As you reside lawfully in the UK with a UK visa you can travel to Ireland as it is part of the Common Travel Area.
  • i am pakistani and i am on student visa in can i visit iparis from here
  • Hello, I'm coming to Dublin on September on student visa. My college is in Ringsend road, hence I'm looking for any sort of accommodation. I'm 21 and a female, please let me know if you can suggest or recommend any flats, shared rooms, dorms etc
  • Hi,

    My husband is a Thai citizen but has living here with me for the last 4 years and has indefinite leave to remain. We are thinking of visiting Dublin and traveling around for a week or so and making our way down to Kilkenny, will he need to get a visa?

  • Your husband will need a visa as Thai citizens are not part of the Irish visa waiver programme.
  • Hi i am going to travel to ireland on a student vira for a year to study sound do i need a return ticket upon my arrival????
  • No you do not need a return airticket.
  • i am an indian passport holder and currently in London with my husband on uk travel visa(for 6 months) and my husband is also having indian passport with uk skill transfer visa for 6 months. i want to travel to dublin from london. i checked he websites but getting confused whether i need a irish visa o travel to dublin or not. please suggest. only as a tourist we want to travel to dublin for 4-5 days.
  • Hi Nabanita - I suggest you start a new discussion - you might get more response
    Visit for destination advice
  • I am a Nigerian living in Italy with a long term permit to stay and work in the European union countries,I want to travel to dublin with my two kids,my kids have italian passports,do I need a visa?
    please it's urgent.
  • Toskybasky, as you are not Italian and hold a Nigerian passport you must apply for a visa to travel to Ireland. As Ireland is not a Schengen state you will need to apply for an Irish visa.
  • hi brain i am a us citizen i traveled to dublin last month 1 feb on arrival i was refused entry due to insuficent cash and kept in the garda station overnight and sent back next morning so can i visit again?
  • will this refusal effect my travel again to dublin or any other country even if i have the required documents and enough money?
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