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Saudi Arabia and Electronics

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I have been offered a teaching position at a University in Saudi Arabia. I am a single black female. They are paying for myself, my mother and two dependents to travel to Saudi Arabia for a two year teaching assignment. Housing, medical, and schooling for children is included, along with generous salary and vacation time. My children are 15 and 7. Just got a Playstation 3 and Wii for Xmas. Can they bring these with us to Saudi Arabia in our suitcases?


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    Yes, you should have no problem bringing those in- they sell these in the Kingdom. Just make sure that any books or other things that you bring in do not have Israel in them or anything in the books against Islam of any talk about Israel. Also, no photos or books or magazine which shows naked women or men etc.
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    Should I put them in my carry on luggage or in my checked luggage?
    Also what about DVD players. I am trying to make sure my children are comfortable since it will be a change for them more than for me. Should I buy the abaya before I leave the US? Also, what is the clothing restrictions for children, two boys? I am going to Al Khodar. Are the schools there good? Do you know what the last grade for high school is?
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    Hey Mari, I'm a saudi person who lives in Al Khobar. regarding the Abaya thing it is a must here, obviously you cannot wear bikinis and go to the beach but for your two childer, they are allowed to wear whatever they like unless the clothes have picture against Islam. Schools in Al Khobar are really good, the last grade is 12th.
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