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Change of Passport information on the Employemnet Visa issued DG Passports & Residence-OMAN

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I am a Canadian Citizen and got an Employment Visa issued by DG of Passports & Residence in Oman through my potential employer. The passport details recorded on the Visa are from the OLD Passport, and I have to get the passport renewed before leaving for Oman as the exiting one would expire in Hanuary 2010, and will be very cumbersome to get renewed in Oman.

Unfortunately the NEW passport to obtained hrough the renewal process will not bear any reference to the OLD passport number but I will be allowed to keep my OLD passsport aswell which I can present it to the Customs at port of Entry for Oman.

Will I be allowed in to Oman with out any trouble with NEW and OLD Candian passports?


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    I suggest you check with the consulate of Oman. Most countries require valid, i.e. current passports for entry and working visas.
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