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best places to visit for honeymoon

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we're just going to get married aaand we've been thinking too long where to spend out honeymoon. any suggestions in europe? we've got several plans but we must decide really soon. thank you ^_^


  • Santorini in the Greek Cyclades islands is very romantic and has fabulous sunsets.

    Piran in Slovenia framed by the Turquoise waters of the adriatic and brimming with history and culture.

    Kalkan in Turkey with its chic bars,quaint whitewashed house brimming with bougainvillea or nearby Kas with its narrow winding streets and a well preserved Roman amphitheatre or take a day trip to the Greek island of Meis.

    Do you like cities or beaches?

  • OK, I suggest you to go Thailand, its a beautiful place for Holidays. And Thailand is really Romantic for couples. Thailand is a collection of beautiful beaches. You can stay here at budget cost. United-21 Thailand offers budget apartments for rent. Rooms are luxury and well furnished rooms. Hope you satisfied with my answer. Thanks for sharing question. 
  • Tamara_91 asked for suggestions in Europe, Thailand although beautiful is in Asia
  • Alethia thank you for the suggestions I've already thought about greek island cause they're beautiful sunny and close to my country so they won't cost us too much. I think about Santorini and Crete most of all. 
    there'se one more proposal Rome as a sighseeng bouquet and then a week in Sardinia and on it's sun saturated shore
  • Thailad includes in my dream places list but I've heard about crime danger there I've seen movies where stuff like that happen I don't know if it's true but somehow it affects on my decision not to go there now. thank you 
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    Rome and Sardinia sounds wonderful, I have been several times to Rome and it can be very romantic  
  • No doubt, Thailand is a beautiful place for Holidays and honeymoon as well.
  • thank you people 
  • I am just got married and i want to go for honeymoon in the very next month but i have no choice for the honeymoon place one of my friend suggest to me that Switzerland is best for the honeymoon is this right suggestion? 
  • Switzerland is a country of mountains and lakes, with fairytale towns such as Lucerne, where you can travel on a vintage steamer boat across the lake or ride in a gondola.

    Visit the Laderach chocolate factory or simply wander through the beautiful countryside. Switzerland would be great for a honeymoon
  • It's very hard to say if it's the right choice without knowing anything about you. You can look at this Switzerland travel guide to find out more about things to see and do there.
  • Most places would be wonderful for a honeymoon, when your newlyweds, in love and with eyes only for each other  :x Aaaaah :x
  • you're right alethia that's just a "formal must" that we have to choose the destination, anyway every place would be heaven for only two of us  :\"> :x
  • Thanks for asking about tour. kerala is the one of the best tourist place in India. if you want to planing visit then you need to go kerala.  
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    Hi, Pantelleria (Italy) is very romantic and it is really special island. It is situated near Sicily (it is a part of sicilan archipelago), and it is only 70 km far away from Tunisia.
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    Rajasthan is the Really nice place in India. I have visited Rajasthan tour. One of the ever green places in India. If you planning to visit then I suggest you visit Rajasthan. Really it’s imagining place in India. is the leading of Tour and Travels Company in India.

  • My honeymoon was Aruba, but I think you want more than a beautiful
    beach. It was an all inclusive, no schedule, just relaxation.
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