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Obtaining a Marriage Certificate from Malawi

edited March 2014 in Africa
Hi can anyone help me....I was given some advise before from a very helpful lady about my question, I was given phone numbers etc. I sent alot of emails to the registrar in Blantyre asking how to obtain a copy of a marriage certificate, so that divorce proceedures can start here in the UK. Why are Africans so slow at responding. All I want is a copy of a marriage certificate. In the UK I could get 1 the same day of ordering. Can someone please HELP me.


  • Muppet, do you have someone that can go in and obtain the marriage certificate as this may be the only way, if the Malawian authorities are not assisting you. 

    Things are much slower in many countries, it as taken my staff three months to obtain a birth certificate from another country, unfortunately many African countries don't work to English time.
  • Remember that Malawi is a third-world country... even in South Africa, it can take 4-6 weeks to get a copy of a marriage certificate. It may not even be possible to obtain one via email or telephone, you may want to look into hiring someone locally to apply for you.
  • The UK man who wants the divorce doesnt know anyone in Malawi, apart from his Malawian wife, who lives in UK...She is not helping him & her family out in Malawi are also not helping him, even though he asked for help via facebooking his wifes half sister. He cant get out to Malawi to collect it himself.
  • I have sent emails to the registrar in Malawi, asking about who I need to send the money too, but to bo avail
  • You aren't going to get anywhere with emails; even if you got in touch with someone, they would not mail you the certificate. I'm afraid you're going to need to hire someone in Blantyre to make the application in person and collect the document.
  • Thank you both for your help....The registrar finally sent me an email....Its going to cost £57 to get a new one sent....Sounds like an awful lot of money..It only costs approx £15 to get a copy in England..
  • Muppet, you cannot compare a third world country with the UK at least they have responded and your friend will have his marriage certificate.
    There is an important lesson for all here, always keep important documents safe.
  • Your not wrong there Alethia.
  • Do have an idea how long a new marriage certificate can take in Malawi.I want to take work leave and travel there for my wedding. Thx
  • @Geedie
    On the wedding day you'll be given an original marriage certificate . This certificate can be taken with a fee to the Register Office in Blantyre who will issue an internationally recognised marriage certificate . It can take about a week to process, maybe less if you go in person

    The certificate must have an Apostile seal/stamp on it making your marriage valid internationally.
  • Thx Aletha. Any idea hw much this may cost roughly
  • @Geedie
    Sorry I do not know the cost
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