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about Neuschwanstein Castle

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Hi, everybody,
Have you seen the movie--The Monuments Men? I wonder whether there does exist a trail along which Neuschwanstein Castle can be seen through the forest just like the one in the movie or whether it is all post production.

Thank you all in advance.


  • unfortunately I don't remember the movie exactly
  • Mad King Ludwig built Neuschwanstein Castle as a show piece not for defence. there are day trips to the castle you can marry there (they do wedding packages) The town below the castle is really old fashioned like stepping back in time.
    Finally the Castle can most definitely be seen through the forest.
  • Alethia is right... here's some more info about Neuschwanstein Castle, there's so much to do in the 'Romantic Road' area of Germany... it really is like stepping into a fairytale!
  • I'm so happy you mentiond wedding packages me and my bf are going to marry for about in september. "fairytale wedding" would be ideal for me if even several of my friends can come with me and if won't cost us too much. thank you for the site I'm really excited how it's heavenly beautiful and attractive especially for my profession architect :)
  • Tamara, Castle Neuschwanstein Castle may be a little pricey  but I can highly recommend weddings in Prague Czech Republic  I attended the wedding of a close family friend in Prague and it was fabulous the couple used this company who were so professional.

    The wedding I attended was held at Vrbovska Garden in the music room
    This is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a perfect example of Baroque architecture. The wedding planner organised everything. The wedding party was held at the Hoffmeister Hotel
    There are many beautiful places in Prague, castles and stately homes all suitable for a wedding.
  • that's just thinking time what can I do with my wedding and honeymoon so I can't exactly say how much I'm we're going to spend or exactly what kinda wedding we're going to have so thank you for all of the suggestions every destination will be reviewed :)
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