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holiday in Ukraine

edited March 2014 in - Eastern Europe

Anyone who has experience with holiday in Ukraine? I\m thinking especially
of Kiev, Odessa and Lugansk. Is it a most to speak Russian or ....?


  • Most people speak Ukrainian and are very nationalistic especially with the present political situation with Russia and Crimea, but many people do speak Russian.
  • Hi Tamara, 
    Although Ukraine is an interesting country to visit, I'm not sure now is a good time! Are you aware of all the unrest and street violence? The trouble is not limited to Crimea. If you are determined to visit during their current crisis make sure you research the situation and stay abreast of what's going on to make sure you don't stray into any dangerous areas or situations. As a tourist you shouldn't be targeted directly in any way, but I would advise avoiding all protests and political gatherings as clashes are currently very common at these events.
  • Yes I'm aware of the tensed situation now in Ukraine but I was thinking about going in summer there, I'll wait the condition to change I'm not sure everything will be alright for the june when I've got my vacation but le's see...
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    Hello people again!
    I've got one more question, some of the plans changed and I'm surely going to Belarus this summer can I rent a car there and drive to Ukraine? I've googled websites and found this one can I cross the border with this hired car? is it legal? or it depends on company weather it's international and allows you to take his car so far and even to the other country? thank you in advance
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    I think it is best to ask your car rental company directly.
    If you are not sure which one to choose I’d’ advise this one
    they have clear tariffs and if you need to clarify something about your car
    they always provide a full and quick response. 

  • The border would have no issues so long as you have papers and contact details for rental company. If you own the car it is actually more difficult.
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