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Visiting the Valley of the Roses

edited March 2014 in - Eastern Europe

What are the best months to visit the Valley of the Roses?

How long does it take to reach the Valley by train from Sofia? Thanks


  • Which Valley of the Roses are you referring to? Morocco or Bulgaria?
  • edited March 2014
    If it is the Bulgarian Valley of the Roses look here for train , bus and taxi times and fares. About 3 hours by train

    and what to see when you get there
  • Yes I'm about Valley of Roses in Bulgaria can you tell me which is the best time for visiting it?
  • May and June is the best time when the roses are in full bloom.
  • maybe that was the silly question cause Bulgaria and Georgia have got similar climatic conditions and if roses bloom in may here it's logical so do they in Bulgaria. thank you Alethia your posts are the most helpful for me on this forum
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