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Need information

edited March 2014 in - Mexico
Hi, I am a citizen of India and I have a valid US business Visa. I keep travelling to USA for business purpose and this time, I am thinking of taking a break and visit Mexico also. I am thinking of either going to Cancun or going to Tijuana. What documents will I need? I am told that any person who has a valid US visa can go to Mexico. I want to be sure before I make my plan final. Please help by guiding me right.
Tx- Kamal


  • I found this for you and it does confirm you can travel to Mexico if you have a valid US visa

    You may want to contact the Mexican Embassy in your country to be certain.
  • How long do you have and where will you be staying in the US? I've visited Tijuana a few times, but would only recommend it as a quick day/weekend trip from southern California. There really isn't much to do there besides shop for cheap souvenirs and drink in seedy bars.

    Going to Cancun would also depend on when you're planning the trip. You want to be absolutely certain you avoid any spring break periods, as the resort is overrun with drunk teenagers at this time.
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