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visa for a sidetrip to paris, while visiting london

edited March 2014 in - General Europe
Hi. I might be traveling to London this April (on a Philippine passport), and would like to do a side trip to Paris. But I will not have time to apply for both a UK and a Schengen visa. Can I apply for a Schengen visa while in London? 


  • You can only apply for a Schengen visa if you are resident in the UK , a tourist visa does not qualify as a residence permit. Therefore you must apply for a Schengen visa in the country where you live or are habitually resident.
  • Hello alethia! I'll be travelling to US and Germany from the Philippines where i will be using my Philippine passport with schengen visa. I would like to do a side trip to London but will not have time to apply a UK visa anymore, so im planning on using my Taiwanese Passport with national resident id which grants 6 months stay in UK visa free. Can i do that? Thank you. Hoping for your prompt reply.
  • my partner had to apply for a visa for France from his country SA before he could travel to the UK.
  • Hi Agil_ong as a dual nationality you have the right to use either passport so the answer is yes you can use your Taiwanese passport have a good trip.

    Lara, South Africans require a Schengen visa to travel anywhere in Europe. The UK are not a member of the Schengen group so South Africans require a separate visa for the United Kingdom. 
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