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2 weeks is enough for a good tour in Italy?

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I plan on taking a trip to Italy. I'd like to spend at least two weeks and I want to tour as much Italian as I can, including small towns that have received a lot of tours.


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    Italy is so vast and treasure filled that you will see very little of Italy in two weeks. I have travelled in Italy by car, bus and train and found it easy to move around.

    Rome on its own needs a few days as well as the Vatican and the Appian Way. From Rome its about two hours on a high speed train to Naples and Pompeii 

    If you go to Florence you can travel on to San Gimigiano, Sienna and Pisa or north east to Bologna and Venice.

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    Hi,two weeks is not enough to visit the huge country Italy through my experience,I travel  two weeks to Italy last summer and I spent the good time.I spend 3 days in Florence for visiting the museums.. 
  • Two weeks is nothing like enough to get to grips with the whole of Italy, as there are hundreds of places worth visiting.
  • I think Italy is the country that needs one more seperate life to feel and enjoy it comletely. But anyway if you've got free two weeks and money for a trip don't waste time in hesitating :) go there an see what you can see in you two golden weeks :)
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  • Lusatomoni, if you are still looking for recommendations, I have just spent a week exploring Tuscany, and I can tell you that I left that wonderful region wishing for much more time. My advice would be to limit yourself to one region and one big city (Florence and Tuscany, for instance, like I did). That way you'll have a relaxed and still very full two weeks. Check out this little Italy Travel Guide for some ideas! 
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