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British Citizen/Father North African

edited March 2014 in - South Africa
I am currently in south Africa and i want to stay and live here with my partner who is Afrikaans. I am just in the middle of extending my visitors to be able to stay on another 90 days to try and sort out a partners/work visa. 
Because my father was north African does that give me any rights to be here, making it easier to get to stay here without so much hassel?


  • African Union members do not require a visa for South Africa. Morocco is not a member of the African Union.
    Guinea Bissau, Egypt and the Central African Republic are suspended due to conflict.

    You would obviously need a passport from the country your father originates from and that could be problematic and as you entered on the passport from one country you may have to leave South Africa to enter on a new passport.
  • South African visa requirements are steadily getting stricter and stricter. The easiest way to stay is probably to marry your partner, or at least apply for a fiancee visa. This will give you temporary residence with the option for an attached work permit if you get an offer (work permits are fairly easy to get and much easier than work visas).

    I would HIGHLY recommend you hire an immigration consultant. I'm not sure where you're based, but I can recommend agents in Cape Town and Durban. The last time I applied for a work visa it took 18 months and a class-action lawsuit to get it, never could have done it on my own.
  • Thank you for your help
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