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my heart is saying his not but I have gut feeling he is scam

edited March 2014 in Middle East
I have been talking to a man from Jordan for some months now and he tells me he loves me and wants to be with me, I told him I don't want to marry and I also support 3 teenagers so I can't afford to go to met him but he tells me it's ok as he will pay for my ticket to visit him, he also tells me he has own car bussiness and a family farm, I asked him why he wants me when he can have woman in Amman he tells me because his heart is with me, I never thought I would be in this situation as I have recognised scammers before as my friends are also on dating sites, I asked him if he is Muslim why he on datng site surely it's against his religion which he swears he goes by, I upset him many times as I question him time and time and had cried many times, I am a woman that will not hold back but he has caught me, I can't see what he wants from me as I have nothing to give him and I will not marry and he knows once my teenagers have there own life's and supporting themselves I want to live abroad, Any advice would be greatly appreciated ..


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    It is not against Islam for a muslim to use a dating site. Thousands of muslims use dating sites instead of traditional matchmakers.

    Jordan is an Arab nation nothing to do with Africa and would be a lovely place to visit. Jordan is a stable country and has a good standard of living and its quite common for families to have a small farm where they grow their own food and keep livestock. I would visit there again at the drop of a hat

    Muslim men regularly marry non muslim woman they are allowed to marry Christian and Jewish women.
    Would you ask a western man what he wants from you and question why he likes you?  So why are talking to this man if you doubt him so much. I think you like to have control over the situation.

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