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Will they deny my entry?

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Hi everyone! I keep reading about the 90 days in 180days in Europe and Im really confused and a little freaked out. I am an american citizen.. I have spent my last summers in spain, which I LOVE! Anyway, I went to spain in december for 5 weeks and plan on going back mid may for 2.5 months.. Although I never overstayed my december trip, is there any reason as to why my entry would be denied?? Since they keep saying you can only stay 90 adys in a period of 180, but my 180 mark will be over in june.... I always have a fear of this for some reason. 

I'll be traveling honestly just to hang out at the beach and spend time with my family! 

Please help me calm my nerves!!!! :) 


  • Five weeks is nowhere near ninety days so I really do not understand why you are in such a panic. Even if you go back in mid May you are still within the time limits. You sound very young and immature, its very easy to work out the time limits especially as you only go to Spain once or twice a year.
    So panic over.
  • I'm sorry I sound "immature" because I "panic". I "panic" because I don't know the limits or these immigration rules. Call me naive, but not immature. I also have some very big events and if I were to miss them because of this I would be at a loss of money and completely heartbroken. So I have every right to panic. 
    But thank you for being so insensitive and "answering" my question. 
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    The time limits are very simple you can only remain in Spain for a maximum of 3 months in any 6 month period. So far you claim you spent five weeks in December but there are only 4 weeks in December. 

    You are going to Spain in mid May for two and a half months which is still not 90 days . If you have any concerns discuss it with an immigration officer in Spain. If you have family in Spain perhaps you should enquire if you could have a residence permit or citizenship.

    I was not being unkind when I said you were young and immature , it was simply how you came across, no offence was intended.
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    Thank you for clearing that up. I unfortunately cannot get any type of visa or residence to live in Spain. Although it would be a dream come true.

    Oops, guess I did say 4 weeks in December. I stayed 5 weeks for my Christmas holiday :) 

    Thanks again

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