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Please help with this, if you have a valid visa for the USA, do you need a Visa for Mexico. Its a South African Citizen and also do you need a multiple entry into the USA for that, if a USA Visa is issued, how do you know if its a single entry or multiple entry, thanks so much 


  • If you have a valid visa for the USA you do not need a visa for Mexico.

    A US visa has the word ENTRIES on the left hand side of the visa. Under Entries there will be an M or S. M is for Multiple S is for Single. You do not need a multiple entry visa to enter the US
  • Dear sir,
    This is Deepak From Nepal .
    I am planning to visit Mexico, so i searched from Embassy website and there is found
    1.Mexico tourist visa is required
    for citizens of Nepal.
    2.Mexico business visa is required
    for citizens of Nepal.
    3.Mexico cruise visa is not required for citizens of Nepal for a stay up to 3 days.
    i am confusing about cruise VIsa , actually what is Cruise visa , what
    documents needs for Cruise visa and Trust visa to travel Mexico. In
    Nepal , i did not fount any Mexican consular  . can we apply from India?
    please send information in simple language .
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