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Cruise Ship Visa Requirements

edited April 2014 in - Tunisia
We are going to be going on a cruise in mostly EU countries with 1 stop in Tunisia. My wife has a Ukrainian passport and it is impossible to find out if she needs a visa to go ashore in Tunisia. We both have residence permits in Germany. Does Tunisia offer a visa on arrival for Ukrainian citizens that arrive by cruise ship?


  • Ukrainian nationals definitely require a visa for Tunisia, the fact you have permanent residence in Germany is irrelevant. There is no visa on arrival for Ukrainians.
  • Alethia,

    The link you have posted carries even more confusing information:

    Travelers who are transiting by Tunisia and continuing their journey don’t need a visa for a 48h stay if they hold confirmed tickets and documents. Citizens from China, Lebanon and Syria are only permitted to travel in transit through Tunisia for 24 hours.

    For those who are traveling in a group or in a tour organized by a travel agency, a representative of the agency must submit a passenger list giving names and nationalities of all members to the Special Service of the National Police.

    To me, this would suggest that she would not need a visa for a 1 day stopover on a cruise ship, but wether these rules apply specifically to Ukrainian citizens is unclear.
  • Surely its better to be safe than sorry. Ukrainian citizens require a visa, so my advice would be to apply for the visa and not be stuck on board ship if an official does not issue a visa upon arrival.
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