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Singapore to travel in UK/EU

Hi, I'm from Singapore, my girlfriend is currently studying in Sheffield and I understand that I could stay in UK for a span of 90 days. 

I would like to know that if I were to travel to EU, maybe France, from UK and then return to UK, would my visa be renewed to 90 days again?

I have no idea how long i would be staying in UK.

If i were to fly back to Singapore and back to UK again because of the overstay, it would cost a bomb. Please advice, thanks!


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    Singaporeans are granted a visa upon arrival at  a UK port of entry. Each time you enter the UK they stamp your passport basically giving you a new visa..You can travel in Europe and come back to the UK but you must not stay longer than 90 days in the UK.
  • Thanks Alethia, for example, if I stayed in UK for 80days then i travel to Europe for afew days and come back to UK, i can stay for another 90 days? :D
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    Technically you can do exactly that , stay in the UK then go to Europe and come back. The immigration officer may question you on entry as to your intentions and if you have sufficient money but as long as you are on holiday for the summer and not intending to work or overstay your visa you should be ok.
  • Understood!! Thanks for your help, Alethia.. its much appreciated :D
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