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good day, 
im a filipino, presently working as a nurse in zawia, libya. as i can see on the map, the nearest and bordering country is tunisia. we would like to see tunisia in just few days tour with my friends. we will travel by land for it is cheaper by a libyan driver. what do we need to comply aside from our passport? we just want to escape a boring life in libya even just few days to unwind...thank u..


  • You need to apply for a visa at the Tunisian Embassy in Tripoli

    As you are resident and working in Libya you should have no difficulty obtaining a visa. You will really enjoy Tunisia.

  • thank u so much... 

  • Travel is best way to get fantastic experience from others countries.
  • So what countries have you travelled to raubymartin as you are such an authority on travel and different countries
  • Alethia, I think the chances of raubymartin answering you are very small because I doubt very much he/her/it is a human being.

    Judging by past posts it's a computer program spitting out nonsensical replies in order to increase its thread count therefore slipping around automated spam filters.

  • edited September 2014
    Terry, I did not expect an answer I just thought it was a troll, I never thought it might be a computer programme,
  • I looked through all their responses and they are all the same generic cobbled together nonsense that's assembled by a software program. This is happening more and more lately, especially on forums that have lax moderation.

    It'll become really irritating when the programs become sophisticated enough to actually act like a real person.

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