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overstaying again

edited April 2014 in - South Africa
Hi, I'm a british citizien and been in south africa since jan 20th 2014 and was planning to return to the uk on a flight booked in june however my tourist visa expires on april 20th (this sunday), my father has possession of my passport and refuses to change my flight.. I have already overstayed in south africa once before due to similar circumstances, I have no intention of overstaying again but not much I can do without my flight changing or passport, what can I do? What will happen at the airport of I can't fly by sunday?


  • You are likely to be fined R3,000 (three thousand Rand) at the airport when you leave and you may have difficulty returning to South Africa in future.

  • There's really not much you can do at this point. Even if you had your passport, it's too late to apply for a visa extension since you're already in the country illegally.

    You may get more than a fine. Home Affairs is currently pushing through legislation that could see you banned for up to five years for overstaying your visa.
  • Hi ,

    I just recieved my South Africa Visa from the consulate in India (I am Indian nationality)-I got a business visa-- I had clearly mentioned my duration of stay to be 8 days on the visa application form, but the visa came back saying 7 days visa... I dont have time to resubmit my visa application , will this be a big problem as I will be over staying by one day ?? I already have a return confirmed ticket -will appreciate a response. Th embassy in India already took 3 weeks to grant visa and I have no time to reapply..
    would appreciate a response

  • I suggest that you speak to the immigration officer at the airport on your arrival to see if you could extend your stay.
    If you overstay you will be fined and may be banned from entering South Africa
  • Sigh... welcome to dealing with the SA government...
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