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Working in Florida

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Hi, i'm Irish and want to travel to the USA in September. I am hoping to spend a few months there and work also. I was just wondering if anyone knows if its actually possible to get a work visa to allow me to do this and spend maybe a year in the US? I know under the visa waiver program i am allowed to enter the US for a period of 90 days without a visa but 3 months seems a short period.If anyone could help me with this i would greatly appreciate it.


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    I'm from Cork and I worked in a hotel in Disneyworld in Orlando from September 06 to February 08 on a J-1 visa (although I think they've stopped the 18 month ones now; you can only get a year). I got the visa and my job through (based in London) and they have hospitality related positions all over the States. It's highly unlikely you can get a visa once you enter the country - everything has to be organised in advance - because the 90 day visa waiver is exactly that - a document you sign that waives any right you have to apply for a visa when you're there. If you're from Northern Ireland or a recent graduate you can also apply to training programs at most of the major theme parks. It was a fantastic experience and I'd highly recommend it. Good luck! Catherine
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    You should be able to get a all the documents from your travel agent if not thenhere is a link for work permits in the US-
    You can always stay and try and work under the table but it can be a little risky.....I wouldn't really recommend it.

    Good luck
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