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Brokenhearted and feeling foolish

edited April 2014 in - General Europe
I have been talking to a guy from He has sent me pictures and has the most beautiful words. However, I got suspicious because sometimes he would use good English and other times he wouldn't. Then all of a sudden I got a message that he had been arrested. He sent another email telling me that because he had stayed up so late talking to me that he was tired and let someone do some work that he should have done and the person fell and got hurt and if he didn't give the hospital some money for the worker, that they were going to arrest him. Of course he asked me for money. No matter how many times I told him I did not have any money, he persisted in asking. Telling me that I never did care for him, etc. Then this morning I got another message, supposedly from his "daughter" and then she starts calling me "mummy" and telling me how things aren't fair because I won't help her dad. This was the fourth incident that has happened to me concerning these dating websites. The last one was from a guy who went to Cairo for construction work and then he supposedly got robbed and needed money to pay his motel bill so they wouldn't throw he and his 4 year old daughter out in the streets. I don't know how to check on his IP address. Isn't there anything that these dating sites can do about these people?


  • Can I put the guys pictures on here? I don't think it is him, I think someone has stolen his pictures to use them again.
  • Of course its not him. The scammers steal photographs of real people. Dating sites are infested with scammers and the dating sites could not care less, they do nothing to protect valid members.
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