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I am a UK citizen in a relationship with a Tunisian man.  We are getting engaged in September and hope to marry next year.  What I want to know is - is it better to marry in Tunisia or the UK and just how hard is it for him to get a fiancée visa or get married in Tunisia and get husbands visa? I know all the problems with these sort of relationships and the deception with Tunisian men.  He isn't really worried about where we live - just to be together and if we could find somewhere to live we would live in Tunisia but realistically it would be better for him to come here as I have my own home and a good job.

Which is the better?  Fiancee visa and marriage in UK or marriage in Tunisia and husband visa?  I appreciate that both visas will be difficult and both cost £900 presently.  I see that most of the questions on here aren't as recent as this.  Does anyone have relevant advice???  By the way I'm not a starstruck teenager.  I have been married before and to someone from another country who it took me 2 years to get into the UK because 'they' didn't believe it to be a 'true' marriage - 2 years down the line, £1000's of £s later, being separated all that time - the judge said visa should never have been disallowed!!   By the way - why does the government keep all the visa money when its refused????  What a fiddle really!!!!

Please help!!!!


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    As an immigration lawyer I would advise you to apply for a marriage visa for the following reasons 

     It is a far more expensive procedure to opt for the fiance visa. The cost of the fiance visa is the same price as a marriage visa £885 and you require the same documents. The fiance visa is only for six months to give you time to marry. It is more expensive to marry in the UK than Tunisia. Once you are married you will need to apply and pay for the actual marriage visa in the UK which is £601 . Where as if you marry in Tunisia and apply for the visa from Tunisia you pay only one the £885.

    Ties are stronger for a married couple than a fiance. Your previous foray into bringing a spouse into the UK must have shown that a marriage application is stronger.

    The law at present requires you to be earning a minimum of £18,600 per annum  for both fiance and marriage visa. There is a Court of Appeal hearing judgement eagerly awaited in the hope that it will reduce the £18600
    income requirement to a lower more reasonable level, but that could be months away.

    As for why they keep the visa money when a visa is refused is because of the work they claim they have carried out in assessing (often incorrectly) the application.

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