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Adventures in Alaska

edited September 2008 in - USA
Hi I would like to know what adventure travels 2 men can do in Alaska overland besides cruising for January 2009 for 10 days including fishing / hiking/ huskey sleighing etc.

Many thanks


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    Hi MikeM,

    Alaska is one of the best places in the world for adventure travels. You name it, Alaska has has got it - and there is invariable a ground operator providing a suitable package.
    Some popular adrenalin activities are the following:

    * Bear viewing
    * Whale watching
    * Sea kayaking
    * River rafting
    * Fishing - from salmon to ice to deep sea
    * Dog sledding/husky sleigh rides
    * Back country helicopter rides

    These links offer suitable experiences within your time frame:

  • PopPop
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    Alaska is rugged. I love it there but can't really recommend much. I spend most of my time on the commercial fishing boats and bars. Kodiak Island is one of the harbors I worked out of, and the wildlife there was amazing. Home to those monster Kodiak Brown Bears, eagles, foxes, otters, whales....
    the ferry will drag along your car or you can leave it in Homer.

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