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Onward travel from Mexico

edited November 2008 in North America
Hi there,

I was wondering if someone could help me. I'm flying into LAX this March and flying out the next day to Mexcio City. I've heard that this doesn't count as an onward ticket out of the US. I am travelling through Central America after Mexico. Do I need to buy an air ticket into a Central American country, or a South American one (we are heading to South America after Central).



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    Hi Aidras

    It doesn't matter where your onward ticket is to, the fact that you have one is more important.
    Many countries insist that visitors hold a flight ticket out of their country which must be presented on arrival at immigration. This is set so that if travellers run out of money, the country is still certain that the traveller will leave and not stay illegally. If you don't have an onward ticket, you may be turned away with little choice but to get back on the next plane home.

    It is best to check with the relevant embassy before embarking on your journey as your nationality can also influence your entry requirement into the country.

    Best of luck in your travels!
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