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I met a man online who says he is from California, but had to travel to Nigeria

edited April 2014 in Africa
I am confused. I met a man online who seems to be wonderful. He had to leave for Nigeria for a job that he put a bid on. He was robbed & had to have surgery on his leg. Now he has to pay $2500 before he leaves the country. All this was said from him. If my heart says he is real, how can I help to send money to get him home? He also owes $150 for food. I need help.
Upset & helpless not knowing


  • The man is a scammer and a liar. This is a classic Nigerian scam do not send money and stop all contact with this man.
    No one works abroad without health insurance and why has he not gone to the Embassy of his country for help?
    Embassies help citizens in need, he does not need to ask a person he met online. You know nothing about this man only what he has told you and its probably all lies.

  • Alethia is right. We have heard about many scams of this kind on this forum - all the warning signs are there. Stop contact immediately.
  • I have had this person PLEASE DON"T FALL FOR IT.  He is a scam artest!!!!!
  • He is definitely a scam!
  • Beware!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is a scammer. Please,anyone who had been scammed by David Knight,Dan Miller,David Moore,David Morre and Jackie Miller should not hesitate to contact me on +380638184080. They are here in Lugansk,Ukraine. They are all nigerians.
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