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my alien card here in korea is about to expired.. pls. help me

edited May 2014 in Visa and Passport
hi i'm a filipina.. My contract will end this july 19 2015, and my boyfriend and I is planning to get married before my contract ends.. But some of my friends telling me that we can't make it.. My bf. Is a Us. Army.. we are just about to start the paper works.. They said it will take 3months of process.. So my visa might expired already before we finish the paper works.. We talk about staying here till the papers done even my visa already expired.. Cause his contract will end by feb. 2015.. And I'm worried that if my visa os already expired.. Does the korean embassy will allow us to get married.. Even there is a penalty? And if there's a penalty ... How much does it cost.. . Btw my papers got here in korea from philippines weeks cause of hard to process.. And we are out of time cause i was expecting that im staying till 2015 but my boss is kinda crazy.. They change their minds.. And thats why my bf. And i decided to make a step for.getting married cause he want me to come with him in states... Pls. Somebody help me.. And answer my questions.. I highly appreciate of all the concern and advicesn. Thank u so much!!!


  • Karen your post does not make sense does your visa end 2014  or 2015.

    You have a visa until July 2015 you can marry any time in 2014 and apply for your US spouse visa and just carry on working. The Korean Embassy has nothing to do with giving permission for weddings. You must not overstay. Why cant you extend your work visa?

    You could be refused a US visa if you are illegally in Korea.

    This link will tell you how to marry in Korea

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