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i have been scammed too!

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Hi everybody.... I read each and every comment...this is my story how it got scammed.

I signed up for dating on received an email that this guy liked my thing we are texting then talking on phone...his name is Bill Wyatt Williams...has any heard of him? He claimed he was an American born citizen... and a medical doctor and that he live in Los Angeles Ca...By the way his profile on says Columbus Ohio and he has multiple phones in LA, one in Ny. One in Mi ..i evem got a call with the nigerian area code..

So on Monday he said he was done with his assignment there in Nigeria.
..he claim he had a contract thru the United Nations and that he needed $400 for his BTA...some type of travel allowance...I sent it...then then next day he needed more money, $600 because he said he was detained at immigrations in Amsterdam and that Lagos Nigeria messed up his paperwork...a couple of days went which gave me time to surf the internet...this is what I found... no such thing as a BTA under US laws....can't be detained....etc...Then on Friday of the same week, he had the adiscity to ask me for another $400 because he said the job that he finished they cut a check and was deposited in the Central Bank of Nigeria and that for him to get his money to the United States, I would have to give another $400..then amount went to $300, then $250...I told him no...I know his game...I texted him to see if he was going to pay me back and again he asked me for the money.... his favorite lines are: I beg u...on my dead parents grave...he used all the lines that I have read about Nigerian scammers...I told him no Western Union here....and yes, these people are determined to have you send money...I get calls and texts all night while I'm trying yo rest -- "I beg you...I love you...etc"...
I may be out $1000 but ladies and gentlemen of the United States and other countries, please do your research..whether bits his phone, email or whatever...if nothing matches...don't do it!!
Don't give money to strangers...I learned a valuable lesson...don't trust strangers you haven't met...with this said...I'm feel your pain everyone who wrote...I was there...

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