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American Woman To Marry Egyptian Man In Saudi Arabia- HELP PLEASE

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I am an American woman engaged to an Egyptian man. However, for the next year he is living and working in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Therefore, when I go there this year to marry him, I will be flying into Saudi Arabia; not Egypt and we will not then be married. I have heard conflicting information on what I should expect at the airport. I know that a woman cannot associate with a man in public unless the man is her blood relative or in-law but he will be neither to me at that point. So how should we act? PDAs (public displays of affection) are sorely looked upon there and I have heard horror stories. So, how can we do this to get to our new home? Someone please help me! I truly am scared.


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    Are you aware that you require a visa to enter Saudi Arabia and that as a single woman you must be sponsored by a Saudi.and the sponsor must meet you at the airport. Visas are only issued for business, work, religious visits, spouse/close family visits and transit.

    Tourist visas are only issued for organised group tours.You do not fit in any of these categories. Only religious Islamic marriage is carried out in Saudi so marriages are sometimes conducted in foreign Embassies but as you are of different nationalities that can be difficult.

    I suggest you go to Egypt to marry after all your fiance must have some time free. In my opinion you are crazy to even consider travelling to Saudi Arabia without a bona fide reason.

    As for single women in Saudi.

    1. You cannot associate with a man who is not your husband/relative not just in public but in private you can both be arrested, imprisoned and deported, if you are caught
    2. Airport staff can be unpleasant to a woman travelling alone and even delay her until they are certain the correct sponsor is meeting her and it cannot be a fiance
    3.Public displays of affection even holding hands is FORBIDDEN and you can be arrested.
    4.You must wear a headscarf and long clothing that conforms to Saudi customs.

  • I think marrying my fiancé is a bona fide reason. We don't plan on living in Saudi Arabia forever. In fact, I don't really want to go there but he is trapped in a work contract there for another year, so how else can we make this work? I want to try to fly into Cairo, marry him there and then fly out to Jeddah with him to our new temporary flat. That's my idea. We'll see if I can convince him of it though.
  • Marrying in Saudi maybe a bona fide reason for you its not a good reason for the Saudi government.
    When you are married you simply cannot fly to Saudi you will require a visa as your husbands dependent and it is up to his employer if you can be sponsored or not.

    I am surprised your fiance has not made you aware of these difficulties.
  • Alethia you are so right.
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