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Places to go in Argentina besides Buenos Aires?

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Where are some good places to go in Argentina? I don't really know much about the country outside of Buenos Aires, but my wife and I are considering an anniversary trip there. Are there other cities that are worth seeing? Regions?


  • Cordoba is a great place to visit in Argentina. It's conveniently located along major roads, and if you're coming up from Buenos Aires it makes a good base to explore the northern parts of the country, and a gateway to the Andean Northwest.
  • Cordoba is nice but its not THE place to go among destinations in Argentina. For me, highlights destinations are Iguazu, Salta, Mendoza, Bariloche, El Chalten and Ushuaia. I dont know what are you looking for but each of this destinations offer a lot a activities and sightseeings! If you needs some advice you can contact argentina4u. They helped me when i was in Argentina
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    I would recommend going to Mar del Plata City, 260 miles from Buenos Aires City. You will find a combination of beauty and charm of its natural resources (vast sandy beaches ideal to enjoy summer walks) with the infrastructure and services. Mar del Plata has everything, and even in winter you can enjoy its nightlife, its pubs, discos, bingos and the famous Casino. I travelled with the services of Kangoo Tours. I highly recommend this trip
  • What about Iguazu falls in Argentina? They are amazing!
  • Argentinian Patagonia is just wonderful for nature lovers. So beautiful and pristine, with interesting little towns to stay in. It was my favourite part of the country. Check out the WT Argentina Travel Guide for a summary of the main tourist attractions and regions in the country.
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