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Will a trip to Italy in August be miserable?

edited May 2014 in - Italy
I want some suggestions


  • Why would it be miserable? August is peak summer travel season for Italy! Your only problem might be the length of queues etc if you are planning to visit the big galleries and museums. Where in Italy are you going? 
  • no, never it can be like that, all place will be your favourable when get it into deep engage. mix up it in your dream place, then all it would be your unforgotable place in your lifetime.. Every vacation will be an affordable to you whenever you all stuff's as in your budget and cheap like flight tickets, hotel accommodation, car transfer + everything need on your vacation. Compare and fly.

  • No, I don't think traveling Italy in August will be miserable. Italy is a place where you can travel and have fun at any time. if you love museums and galleries then August month is good for you.
  • Thanks to all for the suggestions..
  • August in Italy is lovely, though you might want to sit in the shade in the midday sun. Italy is one of my favourite countries, charming people, delicious food, nice weather, loads of history, easy to get to ....
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  • Italy is wonderful at any time in my opinion, agree whole heartdley with what everyone has said
  • August in Italy it is really good, you enjoy beautiful weather and you can visit a lot of places. This is a country which has much to offer. Have you any idea, where you would go in Italy?
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