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Marrakech Accommodation - Review Articles

Having looked at so many "tick-box" websites for Marrakech accommodation we; at The Marrakech Holiday Guide ( http://www. ) have elected to write a series of Articles on accommodation and the characters who own them. True... they do not give you the fullest understanding of what services are available etc. but we do hope you enjoy them and the alternative style in which they have been written. Describing the "mood" of the accommodation is the thing that is lacking from the usual "tick-box" technique. Equally they are written impartially without the owners gaining editorial discretion.
Check out;
If you are struggling to research accommodation then this may offer an alternative route for you. Or, I hope, some coffee time reading enjoyment.
Kind regards
Simon Hawkesley ( Author and Editor ) The Marrakech Holiday Guide

ps. If you are formerly British and own or run accommodation in Marrakech area then we would be happy to consider your accommodation for inclusion.
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