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FAST Marriage!!!

edited May 2014 in Africa
Good evening people, 
Well I need an advice, because It's too important for me !
I'm a Moroccan girl, I met an Australian man in a website of muslims people! Well, we talked many times on skype, after a week, he told me that hhe want to come to morocco to meet my father and marry me and after that he will take me with him there to Melbourne! 
The problem is every time I tell him show me your face he says no I don't do it to anybody, He sent me a picture. He also avoids giving me his phone number !! 
I don't want to talk about this to my parents until he comes here and meet them ! and even if he do, I can't be sure that he will do what he told me ! 

What can I do ?? 


  • Hi Bouchra,
    That is a very speedy marriage proposal. I would also find the unwillingness to show his face extremely suspicious. And he won't even give you his phone number?! Has this man asked you for any money or to help pay for his trip to see you? Have you got any evidence that he really is who he says he is? It sounds very fishy. 
  • I agree with Ella this is very strange behaviour from the man but why would you agree to marry a man you have not seen? Also a visa for Australia does not happen immediately it takes sometime to process a spouse visa and it could be refused.

    This is a peculiar set up, if this man asks you for money then stop all communication as he will most likely be after money and nor marriage.
  • hi Ella ,
    Do you think Bouchra she have the money to pay for him ? she just want marry him to come to Australia ,
  • Folan, if she just wanted to marry him for his passport why would she be expressing doubts on this forum about the relationship? More likely he is not even from Australia and this is a standard romance scam.
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