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Need help understanding my visa!

edited May 2014 in - China
Hi all!

So I have a double-entry F visa issued in China. It states 'Valid Until 17th May 2014' and also 'Permitted to stay 90 days since the next entry'.
I left once at Christmas and my second exit-entry was a HK visa run at the end of March (I've been in China since then till now). To me this means I'm allowed to stay 90 days from when I came back in March (so 30th June 2014). However that 'valid until' date makes me so confused. Is it just like a 'enter before' date or is it the hard deadline of when I'm supposed to leave?
My boss says everything is fine and that I can stay until June, but I'm not completely sure since he's not been sure in the past and has a 'contact' in the PSB office, but I don't know how helpful this will be if I'm stopped at immigration. Any help would be very very welcome! Thanks!


  • No worries about this, you just make sure you can enter in China before 17th May 2014.
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