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Advice for visiting Pakistan


I am planning to go to Pakistan this month. Can anyone tell me some vacation resort in Pakistan? Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot 


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    happy to know about your visit.

    to find local restaurants in Pakistan visit and also you can find discounts from there.
    to find local hotels in Pakistan
    to find local places to visit again
    otherwise in Pakistan lot of places and resorts existing in different cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Color Kahar, Khewra Mines, Naran and Kaghan Vally, Kalash, Monjodharo and lot of places you can find here.
  • According to the Travel Advisory Pakistan isn't the best place to visit right now. I am a Canadian (female), and met someone from Sialkot Punjab. We have been talking for almost a year and he keeps bugging me to go visit him but I am such a worrywart and scared to travel alone. Any suggestions? I read most of the posts..and got me thinking..and need help.

    Thank you
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    Dear inu2016,

    "... I met someone from Sialkot Punjab..." Sorry, but no, you haven't met anyone. You've been talking to a guy on the internet for less than a year... who you have never met... from one of the most insane hardcore Muslim countries on the planet... which you've never visited... and it appears you're completely ignorant of their culture...

    Honestly, you're out to lunch.

    There's many ways you can resolve this one way or the other. I won't start lecturing you, but honestly, grow up and give your head a shake. Do some due diligence!!!


    Good luck.

  • @inu2016
    I am with Terry all the way. You have not met any one, your talking to a man on the internet, from one of the most fanatical countries in the world.

    Pakistan is a highly volatile, dangerous place for Pakistanis and foreigners a like.
  • I was only asking for some advice...before I even make some arrange to leave for Pakistan.
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    .....and we gave you good advice.
    This is what the Canadian government has to say about people travelling to Pakistan.
    Maybe you will listen to your own government.

  • inu2016, Please read the link that Alethia gave you.

    Why don't you arrange to meet him elsewhere? Pakistan is no place for inexperienced western female with no travel experience.

    Good luck.

  • I tried convincing him to come instead..but he wants me to meet his family. Sounds ridiculous I know..but what is a once in a life time to live and learn right? Although I am terrified to travel alone..esp overseas. Thank you for the advice Alethia & Terry.
  • Oh I forgot to mention Terry, he wanted me to travel to Dubai and meet him is that safer then going to Pakistan?
  • Dubai is an absolutely safe place to meet. Exact opposite of Pakistan.

    Get two separate hotel rooms in a nice hotel and you're good to go. Lots and lots of cool stuff to visit in Dubai too. It's a crazy city.

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